Equip2Go is about equipping outreach teams with the wealth of today’s available resources. There are tremendous amounts of websites, films, audio recordings, visual tracts and Bible storying, and other training materials. Yet, it can be difficult to sift through and identify what content, methods and techniques have really proven to be effective among unreached people groups. Here we have gathered some of the best missions and evangelism resources available today. Resources to equip you and your outreach teams to cross culture and language barriers in order to experience fruitful ministry to those in greatest need (so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel)!

 Our heart is to maximize your outreach!


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Cross-Cultural Evangelism Tool Kit

Do you want to be more effective on your next cross-cultural evangelism missions trip?

This 4-disc training package looks at Practical Tools and Insights for Reaching Buddhists/Hindus/Muslims. Interviews from workers on the field provide a teaching platform on effective methods and bridges to consider as you build relationships and share the Gospel to people of different religious backgrounds.

Also included on each disc is a folder of Additional Resources, containing contextual artwork, ethnic worship songs, bridges, prayer guides, and more.

To order, visit: www.createinternational/store


Indigitube is an internet distribution strategy of Create International, where indigenous evangelistic art, animation and media can be accessed, shared and downloaded. We encourage integration of these tools with other digital technologies, social media and mobile devices to maximize sharing with those who have not seen, heard or understood the Gospel in their own heart language and culture. The website www.indigitube.tv is the distribution point for both freely downloadable media resources and training resources for those with a desire to equip themselves for effective ministry.


The purpose of this media package is to inform, motivate, and enlighten a new generation to engage in the world of missions.

Included in the pack:

Disc 1
A 50 minute video presentation that will take you on a ‘big picture’ missions journey presenting the needs and challenges in the world today, as well as how we’re doing as the church in meeting those needs. You will hear encouraging stories of what God is doing in the places we usually only hear bad news about. You will also meet some inspiring people who have said the 100% ‘yes’ to Jesus and are impacting the planet one day at a time. This presentation can be viewed all at once or you can use the chapter makers to pick one story at a time.

Disc 2
Three (3) more 20 minute video presentations that also represent the ‘big picture’ of missions. -Engage Slideshow Presentations and PDF that provide a tool for teaching the stats and facts of world missions in a classroom or meeting setting. Choose between a shorter or longer version (with up to 100 slides) depending on your time constraints. A treasure chest of informative and strategic resources for mission mobilization. -Get Engaged! – Additional research material that lead to more information on missions related topics.

To order, go to: Create Emerge