One of the greatest common barriers to sharing the gospel is Illiteracy.
As a result distributing literature alone is not an effective or even responsible
approach to proclaiming the gospel to the world. Use Audio recording to reach the illiterate.

iPods & MP3 Players

You take them with you everywhere you go, why not make a little room on them for the gospel in the language of the people you are reaching out to. Add the mp3 sound files to your player and get sharing!


This portable solar powered audio player can play the gospel message to an individual or small group. It has a speaker and a headphone jack and on the back, solar panels to charge it – an excellent way to tackle the electricity issue. no batteries. Check it out

Saber hand wind digital player

This will give greater reliability and better sound reproduction than cassette players. It will also have the ability to connect to a computer and download messages and songs in a standard MP3 and WMA formats. Global Recordings Network