Get trained with the knowledge and information necessary to reach cultures that are different than your own. We have video resources and seminar training to provide insights and practical tools that will help you make the most of your outreach opportunity.


From relationship building to using mobile and internet-based tools, our heart is to see you maximize your effectiveness in reaching unreached peoples. Share life and share the Gospel using the most effective approaches and methods available today.


Out of all worldwide evangelism, only 2% goes to Muslims, 0.9% goes to Hindus, and 0.7% goes to Buddhists, yet 84% goes to Christians. This is why nearly 1/3 of the world remains unreached. Are you ready and equipped to go to the areas of the greatest need?

About Us

Equip2Go is a strategy to combine our passion for evangelism, with new knowledge and skills for reaching our world. It combines both awareness of the unfinished task in missions today, with new ways of approaching cross-cultural evangelism using media, arts, and cutting-edge digital technologies. Equip2Go seeks to help create a fresh new thrust of effective ministry into the unreached Omega zones of the world. Methods and resources are being drawn together from experienced evangelists around the world in order to equip you with the most effective means available today for communicating the gospel across cultures, languages and worldviews.


    Attend the Equip2Go seminar, watch training videos, and review case studies in addition to your own research. Take advantage of best practices and fruitful methods!


    Coordinate with long-term workers, plan your logistics, and pray regularly with your team.


    Load up your mobile devices, cell phones and laptops with culturally relevant Gospel media – outreach tools for the 21st century!

  • GO

    Change the eternal reality of your Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist people group that remains unreached.

Mobile Ready

Indigitube is an internet distribution strategy of Create International, where indigenous evangelistic art, animation and media can be accessed, shared and downloaded. We encourage integration of these tools with other digital technologies, social media and mobile devices to maximize sharing with those who have not seen, heard or understood the Gospel in their own heart language and culture. The website www.indigitube.tv is the distribution point for both freely downloadable media resources and training resources for those with a desire to equip themselves for effective ministry.

What Others Say About Equip2Go


“We played it [an evangelistic video] for a family, in a slum in Jakarta, and two Muslim ladies gave their hearts to Jesus!”

ElizaOutreach Student

“The Urdu video is relevant because there is a lot of interest by Latin America in the Muslim world and this video blows their mind to see the church in a whole new way!”

God’s Story Project

“When the villagers heard God’s Story, they said: ‘That stranger possibly was Jesus! He came to our village ten years ago… We will follow Jesus.’”

God’s Story Project

“We have used the evangelistic film widely. We produced 10,000 copies and have distributed them all. Alok says he gets a letter almost weekly concerning the film. Amazing. They are requesting a sequel.”


Kolo World App

The Kolo World App is now available for iOS and Android phones. Create International is excited! A Christian ministry distribution App is now hosting our films! This is a tremendous boost for not only the availability of our gospel films being used for evangelism towards the Unreached; but also for our credibility as a cutting edge media producer.