These are a number of testimonies and accounts of how the gospel can be shared in a contextual manner. These examples are from a number of different cultures and include the use of evangelistic videos and redemptive analogies

Using the Jesus Film in Nepal

A testimony of a short term missionary to Nepal and his use of the Jesus film in a Tea Shop in Kathmandu. His attempt not so successful but insightful none the less.

Nepal Case Study

Written by a short term missionary to Nepal, this web article provides a discussion of practical approaches to evangelism in Nepal and aims to spur your thoughts and challenge you to consider new ways to share the gospel. Taking these concepts broadly, these approaches to be applied across the world.

Gambia Outreach

An example of an outreach using the Jesus film and Gospel Recording’s cassettes. With great success the team showed the film and then followed it up with the gospel cassettes and prayer, seeing many people saved.