Reaching out through the web cross-culturally.

Web Evangelims Links

Online Evangelism  link
(article) The Internet has become a powerful tool for us to use in evangelism. These resource pages explain strategies for using it – principles of communication which often apply equally to other forms of outreach too. You can also easily integrate these pages into your own site with a few lines of code.
Case Study: Web evangelism strategies for Poland  link
(article) The Polish outreach team have developed a range of approaches to reach their country. These strategies could also work in many other countries.  link
(website) A website dedicated to promoting Cybermissions – International front line use of the computers and the Internet. Provided training, articles and suggestions on how to use Internet Cafes for Evangelism.
Brigada’s Focus Page on Web Evangelism  link
(article) The Web is no longer just a Western toy. It has become a medium for outreach to unreached people around the world, including the 10-40 Window. There is a big need to create evangelistic sites to target these people in an effective and contextualised way, in both English and other languages.
Fish the Net – Web Evangelism  link
(link list) Articles, chat room and much more, linking you to information for web evangelism.  link
(website) News and views on technology, spirituality and Christianity, from author Andrew Careaga

Evangelistic Websites,  mostly for Muslims

Al tarik – in Arabic  link
(Arabic) A highly contextualised Muslim evangelism website targeting particularly Arab speaking Muslims.
Ummah Al Masih  link
(website) This site is a highly contextualised Muslim evangelism and discipleship website targeting English speaking Muslims, but containing many resources and materials in other common Muslim languages. This website also specializes in tools to help Muslim converts to Christianity plant effective “in culture” fellowships. They have a ton of resources available!  link
(English) Good news for you. An evangelical website for Muslims with links to commonly asked questions, books and scripture passages that relate to Isa available online
Isa Al Masih  link
(Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish) Followers of Hazrat Isa provide a place for Muslims where ultimate questions about Isa al Masih, the Bible, Christianity, and more are approached in a way Muslims can best understand.  link
(English) A link based discussion of Islam, the bible and life. The site has information about Islam & Christ and testimonies of believers – designed for seekers.
The Power to Change  link
(website) A contextualised evangelical website made to reach out to seekers. The site has sister sites for Arabic, French German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Russian, Spanish, Chinese Traditional, N. Ireland, Rep. of Ireland & Czech nationals.
Thought Provoking Muslim-Christian Dialogue  link
(Indonesian, French & Spanish) Aiming to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and faith in the One True God, who has revealed Himself to us. This website presents a view of the Taurat (Torah), Zabur (Psalms), Sahaif (books of the prophets), Injil (Gospel) and the Qur’an (Koran). In part, it is a response to misunderstandings of Muslims and Christians, who have never received complete teaching about Isa Al-masih (Jesus the Messiah) from the viewpoint of his followers.
Answering Islam  link
(many languages) A site designed for Muslims aiming to convince them of the truth of the Gospel through the soundness of the material presented, and the site is also for Christians to develop convictions about their own faith and about Islam. Exhaustive links to many topics. This site is available in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Persian, Russian, Thai, Turkish & Urdu.
The Faith of Abraham  link
(website) A site aimed for Muslims. The site is less graphic than others but has a large list of articles and arguments for faith in Christ.
Muslim/Christian Debate Site  link
(English) This site provides a repository for articles and papers of particular interest to the UK situation, but which will also be useful to those elsewhere. It aims to stimulate genuine debate between Christians and Muslims on a wide range of topics.
Word of Life  link
(website) An online Bible correspondence course. The first ten lessons contain the basic information about the Bible and the teaching of Jesus. The second half deals with the life of Christ and his teaching in more detail.  link
(website) A smorgasbord of information for Muslims with links, literature and audio resources in Urdu, Arabic, Russian, German & Turkish.
Islam: The way the Truth and the Life?  link
(website) A serious, open and objective presentation for those seeking the truth. The site contains a growing resource library on the comparative study of Islam and Christianity.